At Body Mind Healthcare Clinical, we specialise in offering innovative interventions to enhance social interaction and communication skills. Our unique approach integrates Emotional Literacy with the support of cutting-edge Robotics and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Why Technology and Autism?

Children with autism often exhibit a high interest in technology, finding comfort in the rule-based and predictable nature of computers. This makes technology an ideal medium for learning and development.

Our Aims and Objectives

Our sessions are designed with several key goals in mind:

  1. Enhancing Focus and Participation
    • Improving attention, engagement, and concentration abilities in learning settings.
  2. Reducing Social Anxiety
    • Creating a comfortable teaching environment to alleviate overstimulation and social anxiety.
  3. Facilitating Joint Attention
    • Promoting productive interactions between learners and educators, fostering better joint attention.
  4. Boosting Communication Skills
    • Aiding in the generalization and improvement of social and communication skills.
  5. Creating a Consistent Learning Environment
    • Providing a structured and predictable setting for effective teaching and learning.
  6. Customized Learning Plans
    • Tailoring our approach to fit each student’s unique learning goals and individualized education plan.

Join Us in Empowering Growth

At Body Mind e Clinical, we are committed to using innovative methods to empower children with autism, enhancing their abilities to communicate and interact in social environments. Join us in this journey of growth and development.